+ Admission
+ Withdrawal
+ Attendance
+ Discipline
+ Examination
+ School Uniform
1. Student should be regular in attendance, punctual, diligent, neat and clean in work, neat and clean in dress and be of exemplary behaviour. They should speak softly and politely.

2. In no way should a student disfigure the walls and furniture on the school or destroy any school property, scribbling is strictly forbidden and is punishable. They should not throw litter except in the bins kept for this purpose.

3. Books, magazines or newspapers not prescribed by the school may not be brought to the school without the Principal's consent. If such items as well as letters are addressed to them at the school, they may be subject to inspection by the school authorities.

4. The school is not responsible for lost goods. Students must be careful with their property.

5. Students would not be allowed :
a) To leave the school during school hours, unless the parents, guardians as stipulated in this diary comes
    to take the student with the Principal's permission.
b) To raise subscription or collect any kind or funds.
c) To give gifts to the members of the staff or students within the school.
d) To organize any picnic, excursion or tournament without written permission of the Principal.
e) No student will leave the school during working hours or lunch break, without Principal's / Vice
    Principal's written permission.
f)  Every student must have his own copy of the school diary must be brought to the school everyday.
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