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School Song & Prayer
School Prayer (Pre Primary) School Anthem
Let us pray to the lord of all We are the students of R.M.S.
He loves me, We raise the flag of our school
He loves you We are here to take a promise,
He loves the big We are here to do our best.
He loves the small We shall prove to our parents,
God is great Our country and nation  
God is good That we are sincere,
Let us thank him That we are honest.
for our picture books, So we will be the true
We thank you Citizen, of India.
For our toys Our country.
Bless this school  
O'lord we pray  
May it shine  
Bless this school  
School Prayer
Our father, in heaven,
holy be your name,
your kingdom comes,
your will be done
on earth, as it is
in heaven.  
Give us today
our daily bread,
forgive us our sins
as we forgive those
who sins against us,
do not bring us
to the best,  
but deliver us
from all evil.
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